How to Use Makeup on Your Oily face


People with a skin type that produces oil frequently are fighting silent battles. To use makeup, you will need to carry oil blotting sheets around. Even when you do not have makeup on, your skin will continuously produce moisture. It can be unpleasant to constantly dry your skin every day, cleaning some oil that will come out a few minutes after you clean. But that does not mean you should give up on your skin.

Most ladies love to apply makeup. And even when you do not like makeup, some occasions are too special not to wear some makeup. If you have oily skin, those occasions are what you dread the most – because your oily skin will try to disgrace you. The professional applying your makeup may assure you that your makeup will last for many hours, mostly up to six hours. But if you have skin that releases oil frequently, you may not like the makeup after a while.

However, that does not mean you can not apply makeup to oily skin. It only means that you will need more products and moisturizers to battle the oil release from the skin before applying the makeup on your face. Applying makeup to an oily face is longer and more tedious if you want it to last, but it is worthwhile. Here’s how to apply makeup to your oily face;

Clean face properly

The first step is to clean your face off any oil. The starting point of makeup is essential to its success, so you need to clean it properly. Cleaning your face properly is in two stages; the initial and actual cleaning. The initial cleaning is rinsing your face with water (preferably warm) to clear all dirt from the skin. After washing with warm water, you can now apply a cleansing product to your face to ensure it is clean. After applying this skin cleanser, you can rinse off and dry it.

Tone your skin

A toner is a product naturally designed with ingredients to ensure it removes dirt and contaminants from your face. When you apply your cleanser to your face, you can use a toner. To use the toner, you need a cotton board to apply it across your face. Ensure that your toner does not contain any oils – if not, you will be increasing the oil content on your face.

Apply makeup

After cleaning your face with a cleanser and toner, the next step is to apply the makeup. The first step is to apply the primer of your makeup, which is responsible for setting the makeup on the face. Because of the primer, the makeup will not melt from your face. If you have any blemish on your face, you can cover it with a concealer. After that, you can now carefully apply your oil-based foundation to your face. Ensure the foundation is even enough, then use a powder that combats oily skin.


Makeup may not be a daily habit for you, but it is necessary sometimes. Learn how to apply makeup to your oily skin in this guide above.


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