Amazing Red Color Wig Shades You Could Try


It’s now a fact that wigs have been a lifesaver to many women all over the world. Not only has it relieved stress and helped to cut down the expensive cost of making natural hair every month, but it has also allowed different women to try out new hair types and colors to create new and better facial looks for themselves.

Now, with wigs, our females can finally choose the hair color they have always thought would fit them the most. An example of one of the most commonly picked colors is red. This is because it is one of the few colors that complements almost every skin tone. However, many types of red wig shades produce different looks and appearances. This article will mention some of these red color wig shades you could try.

  • Raspberry Ice:As the name implies, this color looks very much like a raspberry, but it has a red shade. This is a very attractive purple-red mix color that really stands out. It’s a very bold and nice kind of red that normally has little pieces of blonde in front of it.
  • Red Pepper:This hair color is more like a darker shade of brown mixed with a bright cherry red color through it. This color shows off a fun red even mixed in the shade of brown. This hair color is most common for most young women that like to show off their red hair in a playful way.
  • Ginger Color:This tone of red is somewhere between classic and strawberry red. It has orange streaks in it that make the hair look sun-kissed. The ginger color wig¬†looks very much like auburn in appearance. This hair color is a great choice for the autumn and winter seasons.
  • Copper Color:This is a special type of shade that shines brightly. It complements the medium, fair and olive skin tone well. This color is best described as a mix of red and bronze.
  • Coral Red:This is a very attractive and distinctive hair, the combination of red and pink describes it. It works for almost every skin tone, ranging from fair to even dark skin tones. This color is also great for women with either blue or green eyes.
  • Brick Red:This is a shade that fits perfectly for fair and medium skin tones. This color is amazing for both hazel and brown eyes. The mixture of vibrant hair and brown tones makes it the perfect choice for women looking for a more gentle shade of red.


As discussed earlier on, it is not only good enough to choose our favorite wig color; there is a need to be more specific about the shades of that color. It is important to know which one complements your skin tone and eye color. Red is a very bright and interesting color, and most of its shades complement almost every skin tone. This article has discussed some of these red wig shades and the tone and color of the eyes they compliment.


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