How to find the correct lapel pin for you


Lapels pins allow you to wear suits and show your individuality and personality without looking tacky. Lapels are usually found on suit jackets and other types of jackets and may take any form or shape. Whether you are a levi ackerman or sponge bob fanatic, you can get your customized piece of lapel pin to suit your needs.

Lapels can be designed in two categories, that is, lapel pins and boutonnieres. They are made based on an ancient technique that dates back to over two thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. They were developed further by the Greeks and spread throughout the world.

What is the purpose of a lapel pin?

People wear lapel pins for different reasons. It could be a pen for the business you work for, certain organizations, specific achievements, flags of your country, country, homeland, political party, or pop culture. Currently, the most loved are the Disney lapels. However, they can be anything you like to wear.

Lapel pins are also used as decorations on suits and do not serve any useful function. However, they complement the overall look of your suit when worn. You can choose the type of lapel that you feel will complement your overall dressing.

What types of lapel pins do men wear?

The type of lapel that a man wears is a personal choice and communicates several things, including the man’s personality. Men can wear different types of lapels. Each of them can be customized according to the choice of the person wearing the lapel.


Boutonnieres are ancient and existed before lapels came into existence. Boutonnieres are real flowers that are placed in the coat buttonhole and are commonly found in weddings. They added a decorative touch to the dressing of a person.

Floral lapel pins

Floral lapel pins came as a replacement to the ancient Boutonnieres. While the old Boutonnieres were made of fresh flowers, the floral lapels were flowers but not fresh nor biological. Instead, the floral lapels were made of various materials such as wool, viscose, satin, and polyester.


Stick pins are usually made of a long pin and a metallic ending that may take any object. The ending is usually exposed to the public and can be an animal, plant, or any other object. The long pin is the holder, and holds the pin in place.

Where are lapel pins placed?

You can place your lapel pins on the left side of your coats’ collar. It is usually placed right at the buttonhole on the left-hand side of the coat. However, some coats might not have a buttonhole. In that case, you should approximate the best place to place the lapel. The lapel pin should be on the upper left-hand side of the coat.

There would be no problem if you missed the exact point that the lapel ought to be placed. If there is not a specific place to pin the lapel, you may get creative with your lapel.


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