Free part Vs. Middle Part Wigs


Wigs and accessories will humble and confuse your thinking, regardless of how smart you are. There are so many options that you’ll peruse, and if you don’t make a choice, you’ll end up picking more than your pocket. From short bob Wigs to long lace front wigs and lace closures, there are so many beautiful options. After choosing the kind of wig you want, you’re faced with the type of design you desire. Do you want a middle part wig where you came part in the middle? Or do you prefer a free part wig where you have the liberty to design everywhere? Both free part and middle part wigs come out nice, as long as you bought them from the right store.

Both free part and middle part wigs are types of closure wigs you can wear. However, both have their respective features and advantages over the other. As humans, we’ll usually have preferences between two closely related products. Based on the features, benefits, and cons of these closures, coupled with a sprinkle of human opinion, there’s always a comparison between free part and middle part wigs. In this guide, we’d like to compare the middle part wig with the free part wig – highlighting their features and advantages.

What is a free part wig

Both the free part and middle part belong to the Lace closure family. However, a closure is a type of wig with a lace material beneath the hair. This makes the hair look nice, natural, and beautiful. For this reason, the lace closure design is now being copied in different wigs globally. Hence, do not be surprised if you see a short bob wig with a free part or middle part design. Free part wigs mean you can style your hair how you wish. For instance, let’s assume you try a zigzag style today; you can try a curly style tomorrow. That way, you have different patterns with the same wig, making it unpredictable for admirers, and generally, people will believe you have other wigs. Yes, the free part gives you design options, but changing the design frequently will only spoil the wig.

What is a middle part wig

Middle part wig, on the other hand, is also a lace closure wig, but in this case, you can only part the hair in the middle. You may think the design is limiting, but middle part closure comes with advantages. First, of which is the beauty, the design of a middle part is a versatile one that can work with short or long wigs. For instance, if you have a short bob wig and want to design it like the middle part, it will work just fine. Also, in a long wig, it’s an excellent design. Some of the advantages of the central part are;

  • It has a beautiful design
  • It lasts longer because it has a consistent design.


Middle part and free part wigs are both excellent options for lace closures. They both have their features, advantages, and disadvantages, as discussed in the guide above. The next time you’re confusing both closures together, check out this article.