Facts About Pressure Washers For Motorcycle Cleaning

Facts About Pressure Washers For Motorcycle Cleaning

Pressure washers are the best way to get your motorcycle clean without a lot of stress, pain and hard work.

Motorcycles can be heavy and difficult to move around when you’re washing them unless you have a power wash nozzle.  The best thing about this type of spray is that it’s adjustable so you don’t end up with any unwanted water on the bike or yourself.  Most people prefer using longer pressure washer nozzles because they let you stand further away from the dirt while still getting all the grime off.  If you’re using a power wash nozzle then it’s best to make sure they are adjustable so that you don’t get wet when the machine is turned on. Let’s discuss motorcycle cleaning with a pressure washer!

Pressure Washers For Motorcycle Cleaning

#1 Motorcycles, unlike cars, require different pressure washer nozzles because most of them do not have body panels.  The most common type is called a “soap tip” and it’s used for wheel cleaning with gentle low-pressure spray.  It will not harm any paint or alloy wheel finishes when being used properly.  All soap tips are equipped with two water inlets which create two separate flows of water into one stream which allows the soap to mix in the nozzle before coming out its lowest available pressure for car or motorcycle cleaning.  Most newer washers have a dial on the handle to allow you to switch between settings for high-pressure car washing and low-pressure car cleaning.

#2 Motorcycles can be difficult when it comes to cleaning because of all the small parts that need to be covered when getting rid of dirt, grime and another slime that accumulates from rain or melting snow over time.  Most people use a variety of smaller nozzles with their pressure washer in order to get into hard to reach areas so they don’t have to worry about wasting any water while using their power washer.  Luckily there are companies who sell power nozzle extension wands that will let you stand further away from your bike while still being able to reach everywhere it needs to be cleaned.

#3 Motorcycles are usually pretty dirty because of all the road grime, mud and bugs that stick on shortly after you ride them for any period of time.  A pressure washer will cut through this pretty easily but they can be dangerous if not used properly so you should always wear safety gear while operating one.  This includes gloves, boots, sunglasses and an approved pressure washer nozzle guard to keep yourself safe from harm’s way.  These guards limit water flow by creating a shield effect that lets you use less power than without it on your bike or motorcycle without worrying about getting wet in the process.

#4 Motorcycle wheels can get extremely dirty especially when using them frequently for transportation.  Most bike enthusiasts use soap tips to clean the front and back wheels even though it’s not necessary with just having gas and oil on them.  However, if you’re really looking to get the best bang for your buck then use a power wash nozzle instead of soap tips because they are adjustable so you don’t have to worry about wasting expensive soaps or chemicals while still getting all the grime off.

#5 Motorcycles can be extremely difficult to keep clean when you’re living in colder climates.  This is because water will freeze on them when you’re not riding it which can cause rust to form over time.  To help prevent this, always wash your bike after getting back from a ride or road trip so that all the dirty water has time to drain before too much ice accumulates on it while sitting in one place for too long.

#6 Motorcycle owners should develop habits early on when cleaning their bikes by taking the front wheel off and giving it a good scrub with soap and water using either a brush or power nozzle depending on preference.  It’s best to use a pressure washer extension wand if you have one for added reach but keep in mind safety first at all times because of the pressure being used to cut through the mud and grime.

#7 Motorcycles are usually pretty dirty from traveling on roads that have a lot of debris on them, especially gravel that can get stuck inside the engine or frame if you don’t clean it often enough.  There are many industry specific tools designed to help loosen dirt and dust while still being safe for your bike so they don’t get damaged by water at all during this process.  This includes a wide variety of motorcycle cleaning accessories such as brushes, washer fluid containers and other products which come in very handy when getting rid of any stubborn filth left behind after using a pressure washer nozzle.


Motorcycles can be a pain to clean because of all the small parts and different surfaces that need attention. Motorcycle owners should use power washers with adjustable nozzles so they don’t have to worry about wasting any water or other cleaning products while still getting everything spotless.


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