You Can Rely on Giraffe’s 2 in 1 Pressure-Washer


Cleaning your car is an art you can master and love. If you don’t mind getting super wet, you can go with a garden hose and brush coupled with an enthusiasm to spruce your car. Those who desire a clean car but are unwilling to endure the pain of lifting rubber pipes wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks at the nearest detail station.

But, cleaning your car yourself at the comfort of your patio can be rewarding. You can borrow a leave from the car guys. They believe that you give the car attention that transcends the gratification to make it shine when you do it yourself. Because the ball is in your courtyard, you can choose the right tool that saves you time and protects the machine from scuffing.

Car enthusiasts trust a pressure washer to give them a professional clean at no extra cost. It combines pressure and power of the nozzle to remove debris from both your car’s interior and exterior. With sufficient knowledge of running the machine, you can deliver a well-done job and leave yourself sighing in disbelief.

A 2 in 1 pressure washer is not only ideal to satisfy your cleaning needs; it comes packed with aesthetic appeal that transforms your washing into fun. Let’s take a look;

The giraffe’s 2 in 1 pressure-washer come with a retractable hose reel

There is no doubt that the new design set’s the device from the pack. The washer and the reel have a bracket that secures them and allows you to mount them on the wall. While it provides stability, it has tons of other benefits. For example, It saves you valuable space and tucks away the hose, so you don’t have to worry about tripping.

In the same vein, it increases efficiency because you are sure to find your devices at one point. There is more to it; the retractable reel winds the cable into the casing, therefore, providing an impeccable rhythm at your workspace. You can control the hose length; all you need to do is engage the stopper and retrieve a size that provides you flexibility.

The giraffe’s 2 in 1 pressure-washer form foam more than the ordinary pressure washer

When washing, you want a high level of soapsuds to speed up the process. Plenty of them tend to loosen the grime quickly. The giraffe’s washer comes with a soap chamber that pairs well with the pressure to release a high foam volume. It shoots crazily large amounts of suds that cover your car like the winter snow. Well, it is the ingredient that leaves your car dazzling like never before.

While some seem to hold a different opinion regarding pressure washers, that the nozzle’s force washes away paint, it is not valid with giraffe’s 2 in 1. The nozzle accommodates different pressure modes, so you can choose a friendlier one to go with your needs.

The giraffe’s 2 in 1 pressure-washer has adjustable cleaning momentum

It uses an electric motor and leverages nozzles to increase water pressure insanely. Although statistics reiterate that gas-driven washers have boosted more cleaning power, the 2,000 to 2,800 Psi is overkill when washing cars. It’s damaging, and it can etch out the surface of your car.

Giraffe’s pressure washer comes with a paltry 1600 Psi that is not only ideal for your car but cleans other surfaces to give you professional results at home. It also benefits you with low noise, unlike the deafening ramming of a powered washer.

The final thoughts

You can get professional-level cleaning at home. It is possible because the cleaning machines are becoming more and more affordable and come in all sizes and shapes. When at it, include giraffe’s 2 in 1 pressure washer in your checklist. It has a compact design, making it portable to use even on your farm.


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