Different types Of Vape Pens in the Market


The vaping community prefers vape pens due to their unmatched charm. A veteran vaper will quote an entire conversation as an answer but, what about novices?

Vape pens have superiority over other vaping devices. That is why you need to know how they earned their standing. We will discuss different types of vape pens.

Moreover, we will also disclose some insiders that will help you buy a fitting vape pen. Let’s begin the voyage!

Different types of Vaping Pens

All vapor pens have the same materials on their exterior; plastic and metal. But what makes one vape pen different from the other is the liquid it uses. There are three types of vapes based on the liquid they use. You can choose any of them according to your taste.

Pens with Dry Herbs

Dry herb pens give you the feel of the classic hookah in a pioneering way. If you are not a fan of juices or oils, you can use ground herbs. The battery heats the herbs until they vaporize. And once they do, you can quench your craving.

Cartridge Vape Pens

Cartridge pens get their name from their replaceable tanks. You can only replace the liquid tanks and not refill them. On the lagging side, replacing the tanks is expensive in the long run. But in exchange for some cash, the cartridge pens set you going in moments.

Wax Pens

Dab vape pens use a dense solution of cannabis. You may also know it as vape pens for oil. However, the word wax fits better. Using a dab solution in a vape kit is a bit cumbersome as it burns easily.

A vapor pen offers a mechanism that prevents the mixture from overheating, thus making the work easy.

The Insides of a Vape Pen and Their Working

Previously, we have seen the different kinds of vape pens. They all use various liquids but have the same components. Below we explain how things go inside your vape wand.

Like all the other vaping devices, a vape pen also contains a battery. There is a lithium-ion battery with USB charging connected to a tank. Every vaping pen has a tank containing the flavored liquid.

Some have oily substances in them, while others have nicotine liquids. The tank contains the coil called the atomizer. The battery of the pen heats the coil that vaporizes the liquid. Once the liquid vaporizes it travels up to the mouthpiece, ready to inhale.

The mouthpieces also have comfortable designs that give you a smoother experience.

What Things Make An Ideal Vaping Pen For You?

Well, the answer mainly depends on your preference. But since it is a gnawing question, so we will give you some tips to make the best purchase.

Firstly, know your preferred liquid kind. Which one do you want? Secondly, never overlook the battery and the heating mechanism. The heat must not burn the liquid to a complete toxin and, the battery shouldn’t go out in just a few puffs.

Also, don’t forget the compactness and maintenance aspects. If a vape has the above features, it is a considerable choice. However, a little self-digging is good before adding it to your cart!

Final Words

So dear vapers, in this post we unveiled all the secrets about vape pens and their hype. Mainly they are popular due to their compactness and aesthetic designs.

We also explained how a vaping pen works and the main components responsible for its entire operation. The only difference is that of the liquid inside.

Moreover, we also gave you some pro tips to make a good purchase. If you think we missed something, feel free to let us know!


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