Use Custom Ziplock Bags to Advertise Your Brand


There are many uses for zip-top bags. They are your dependable, handy storage options that can quickly make a bad day turn around. Looking for a home storage option or perhaps a pouch to carry your snacks in while you’re out and about? All of it may be saved, stored, and contained using a dependable ziplock bag. And even better, they create attractive packaging for your company!

History of Ziplock

A Danish inventor and writer named Borge Madsen created the first ziplock bag in 1951. The first prototype was created by the Danish man using his quick thinking and a piece of plastic fastener that had to be slipped from one end to the other to seal the package. The record labels were then sealed with the “zippers,” which provided security.

A business called Flexigrip purchased the rights to Madsen’s invention’s mass production in the same year. Max and Edgar Austin founded the business, which produced plastic zippers and developed ziploc bags into what they are today. Flat briefcases and loose-leaf binders both use the “press and seal” invention by Flexigrip.

The Austin brothers made keeping objects simpler and more practical by introducing integrated zipper bags to the market in 1959. The item was a big success. Since then, individuals have thought of 101 useful uses for it, including carrying our favorite sandwiches to lunch and storing sold goods from fashionable shops.

We could not have imagined a world without these useful containers seventy years ago. Today, custom ziplock bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and environmentally acceptable materials.

Branding Advantages

With custom zip lock bags, you can give your company the proper packaging it deserves! These days, the product itself and the packaging are equally significant. Businesses fight fiercely for the most attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing packages as online buying grows in popularity. These packages generate effective promotion without having to spend a lot of money because they are shared on social media.

Personalized ziplock bags will give your company the push it needs. Make your stuff stand out and attract your customers’ attention!

Other Benefits of Using Ziplock Bags for your Business


Most plastic bags used for promotional purposes with logos are reusable. Your clients would adore being able to use them repeatedly before they break. You will have multiple opportunities as a result to influence clients’ thoughts. In this way, a single investment can be used to perform free advertising multiple times.

Several Options to Choose From

There are many different shapes, sizes, and materials used to make plastic bags. Although they are comprised of a number of plastic resins, polyethylene is the most widely used one. The two most popular types are low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), often known as polyethylene high-density (PEHD). You can select from a variety of alternatives when working with a plastic manufacturer like Universal Plastic, including anti-static bags, FDA bags, pallet covers, resealable bags, medical bags, mattress bags, vacuum pouch-vacuum bags, and more. Your company’s logo and other details can be easily added to these plastic bags.


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