Characteristics of rattan chair:


The rattan dining chairs have increased attention towards themselves because of their unique and simple style. Like other chairs, this chair has a seat and four legs. The width of the chair depends upon the width of the seat, while the height of the dining chair relies on the length of the legs of the chair. The standard measurements of the rattan dining chair range between 400 – 550 mm. The customer can ask the manufacturer to make the height as per his desire. There are different types of rattan dining chairs used in other places. It is used for household dining purposes and is used in bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. As the use of the rattan chair changes, the style of the chair also changes. Depending upon the type, there are different prices. The price of a rattan dining chair ranges from 39 USD to 1000 USD per piece.

Color and Other Benefits:

The color of rattan dining chairs is usually of the original wood. But rattan accepts paints and stains so it can be given any color per the requirement. The styles of rattan dining chairs are different. It could be a wooden antique, solid wood rattan dining chair with arms – leisure chair -, Nordic, rattan ash, high back, French style, restaurant, foldable, café, armless upholstered, armless backrest or garden rattan chair. Each chair has a unique style and is used for specific purposes. One of the significant characteristics of rattan dining chairs is that it is lightweight. Despite of lightweight, it is strong enough to bear heavy weights. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to move from one place to the other. Moreover, it is easy to repair. Due to the flexibility of the wood used for making this chair, it fits in the body of the sitter and hence provides leisure.

Steps to Make a Rattan Chair:

A craftsman makes a rattan dining chair in seven simple steps. The first step towards making a rattan chair is preparing the wood. It means cutting if wood into specific dimensions. The wood used for making rattan chairs is rattan. It looks like bamboo and is mainly found in Indonesia and the Philippines. So first, the suitable material, i.e., the material having the required hardness, curvature, and color, is cut down. In the second step, rattan wood is turned straight or given cuts and curvatures per the requirement. The useless curvatures are eliminated. This is done by using poles or levers. Sometimes steam is also used to make the wood straight or bend at a specific angle. In the third step, bending is done with the help of fire or steam. Like bamboo, it also requires fire or steaming for bending. The fourth step is removing scratches and stains over the wood surface. By this, the surface is made smooth and attractive. This can be done with the help of sandpaper. In the fifth step, according to the model and design of the chair, each part of the chair is assembled using nails and wooden screws. In the sixth step, these nails and screws are covered with a rattan peel. The seventh step is braiding. The last step is about giving the final touches, i.e., burning out the delicate fibers and splinters.


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