Anime Posters and Wall Sticker for Your Room


These days anime is very popular all over the world, with many anime fans from all walks of life. In order to demonstrate your love for anime, you can use anime posters and stickers on your walls in your room or at work.

There are so many fantastic anime characters with different characteristics. You can choose an anime character to decorate your room or workspace that you love the most or resembles you in any way possible. Anime stickers will surely bring your room to life with their charismatic and lively characters.

Which posters do you want to get according to your personality?

Following are some suggestions to let you know which anime wall poster or sticker to buy, which will bring your room to life and complement your personality.

The unique planetes anime poster

If you are a responsible and hardworking person, the planetes anime poster would be an excellent choice for your wall. This anime is about two astronauts who strive very hard to find a new energy source. The show demonstrates high discipline, responsibility, and perseverance against all odds. If you have the same qualities, then the planetes anime poster wall sticker would be an excellent choice for you.

Oreki Houtarou

If you are the one who loves to solve mysteries, oreki houtarou is a fantastic choice for a room poster or a wall sticker. Oreki Houtarou is the show’s main character, whose primary goal is to keep things simple and solve mysteries. His poster will also make your room look lovely.

Sebastian from black butler

if you’re really into action anime and loves a character who fights like a champion, then a poster with Sebastian inaction could be your go-to. This guy could overcome all hurdles and is basically undefeatable. This wall sticker or poster will give your room a new glow and a touch of personalization.

Kinds of wall posters and stickers to put on your walls

While browsing through animated wall posters and stickers, you will see tons of different poster and sticker styles. Following are some stunning styles:

Canvas Prints

There are amazing anime posters available that are printed on canvases. The canvases are available in every size and shape, and the latest trending canvas style is the 5-piece canvas style in which the painting is continuous. This makes the wall full of life and art.

Tapestry wall hanging backdrop

This backdrop is a full wall hanging, which is often printed on fabric. Sometimes this backdrop is also printed on high-quality plastic sheets, which are more durable.

Anime wall hanging scroll with tassels

This scroll with tassels designs its self gives you a hint of Chinese or Korean origin. And then the high-quality anime printed on it increases its beauty to the maximum.

Anime scratch-off poster

This scratch-off is an interactive poster and so much fun. One poster will have 100 animated series printed on it and will be covered in a golden layer. Scratch it off and finish the series; you will surely not be disappointed.

Aesthetic anime wall collage kit stickers

These collage stickers are small and will come in a pack of 20-50 pieces. It is absolutely up to you on how you want to decorate them on your wall.

Full wall vinyl stickers

 These are the most fun anime stickers that you’ll buy. As apparent by the name, they will take up a full wall and will give you a feeling that you’re in an anime world or the character has come alive.


There are a lot of cool anime posters and stickers out there for you to decorate your room with. Whether it’s something like an Attack on Titan poster or some Pokémon wall decals, we’ve got what you need! Hope this article has pointed you in the direction of where to find these fabulous pieces of art that will make your bedroom look great.


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